Engaging companies and their employees to drive
social change in the world.

We leverage our technology to power Corporate Giving Programs to
connect stakeholders and report impact.

Our Creed

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently to the philanthropic approach. Our team accomplishes this by empowering stakeholders to engage in a direct and authentic way. By doing so, we are enabling stakeholders to create more social impact that will benefit our communities.

Why Givful?

Our team is passionate with connecting charity and philanthropic stakeholders in communities across the United States. We believe stakeholders want to be connected by deeper and more meaningful relationships that ultimately results in society improvements.

A new approach must be fostered that strategically promotes engagement across the stakeholders and delivers value for each. With the use of technology, we believe we can create the following benefits for our stakeholders:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of organizational needs
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies
  • Provide clear transparency to social impact created
  • Measure and report impact
  • Engage stakeholders in more meaningful way
Stakeholders we serve

Our Approach to Connect Stakeholders

About Us

We believe in partnerships

We believe in partnerships. Partnerships is good business. Our philosophy is based on the principle:
“Two are better than one, for they have a better return on their labor. When people work in partnership, the sum total of what they accomplish together is always greater than the sum of their individual efforts.”
As a foundational belief, we believe successful partnerships are based on three primary criteria:
shared vision, trust, and open communication.


Use intuitive software to maximize returns on your investments in social giving. Search, donate, fund specific charitable needs and measure impact from Givful’s network of 1.5 Million non-profits. Join our community of folks forwarding on their good will and creating impact with measureable results.

Giving to charity has never been
easier, faster or more convenient.

  • Single platform for all your charitable giving. Customize a portfolio of your favorite non-profit organizations.

  • Measure the impact from your donations with a personalized dashboard.

  • Real-time reports to measure and report your charitable giving. Summary and itemizted reports allow for a simple way to submit your giving receipts for tax purposes.

Engage your employees with charities
in your communities to drive social change



Increase your brand and corporate reputation while attracting and retaining top talent with a robust Corporate Giving Program. By leveraging Givful’s platform, amplify and augment your giving and volunteering programs.

  • Community Impact
    Expand your company’s reach in the community and social impact with the charities you support today. Leverage Givful’s platform to empower your workforce to engage directly with charities and learn about their specific needs that require support.

  • Volunteering
    Engage your employees with opportunities to give their time and talents. Easily track and measure volunteering impact metrics. (coming soon)

  • Dependability
    Security: Security and privacy is important to you and us. Your data is encrypted while stored as well as in-transit, and PCI compliant methods protect payment card transactions and data.

    Reliability: As a hosting provider serving corporations and our stakeholders, you can be assured that we meet the highest standards for reliable, continuous access to your data. Data centers incorporate redundant hardware and software, and your data is regularly backed up and stored offsite in hardened vaults.


Givful is a free portal to connect and engage with new constituents. Leverage our tool to fortify relationships with your current corporate sponsors and cultivate new corporate relationships as well. The following are a few key admin features:

  • Customize your organization’s mission, photo, contact information and social media links
  • Share your organization’s needs and create goal-based funding campaigns
  • Upload volunteer opportunities with skill-based push notifications to alert do-gooders of matched volunteering opportunities (coming soon)
  • Tax receipts provided to donors by Givful (yayy, less work for you!)
  • Performance dashboard and donation reports

Charity’s Benefits

  • Exposure to attract new donors through
    Givful’s corporate partners.

  • Easily engage your donors by using our concierge marketing service without the marketing hassle. Your donors will receive beautiful updates to stay current on your organization’s progress.

  • Share your charity’s needs with social conscience
    people that are looking for opportunities to help charities in need.

  • Charities leveraging our tools and services are
    benefiting with over 90% donor retention rates.

Use an intuitive tool to acquire new
supporters and engage donors



  • Patricia Glaser Shea President & CEO

  • Walker Morrow Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

  • Sada Garba Co-Founder & CTO

Advisory Board

  • Dan Hogan Medalogix

  • Julia Polk iQuity

  • Hal Cato Thistle Farms

  • Susan Wright uBreakiFix & Oracle

  • Tom Turner DSi



Givful’s system for enabling individuals to invest in specific aspects of our program is amazing and a valuable resource to Cottage Cove.



Givful has empowered Phoenix to expand our Giving Back culture across our workforce with a simple and easy to use tool. I recommend Givful to any company that is looking to implement a powerful workplace giving program.



Givful is where cutting edge technology meets humanitarianism in the workplace. The opportunity to give should be as simple as a few mouse clicks and Givful has done just that.


Individual Donor

Givful’s technology platform creates an unique donation experience. For the first time, I have transparency to how my donations are used and the impact I’ve created.


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